Where is the Sun?

That’s the most asked question in the San Francisco Bay Area these days.  We have been experiencing winter weather in June!  We really have no … Continue reading

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Animated Joy

My 3 year old grandson, Nico, at his very first soccer practice. Talk about joy in action!

The Other Side of the Coin

For the last couple of days, the airwaves have been filled with the horrific action of one man, a Florida minister, who felt the need … Continue reading

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The Joy Revolution

We are living in crazy times…oil spills, political bantering, sound bite news, financial struggles, high unemployment, etc.
Not a lot of positive things are being highlighted. … Continue reading

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Welcome to my first blog!

 to the Joy Revolution! 
I must confess I was hesitant about creating  one, but then I remembered an expression from the 60s…yes, I’ve been around a long time…that … Continue reading

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