The Joy Revolution

We are living in crazy times…oil spills, political bantering, sound bite news, financial struggles, high unemployment, etc.

Not a lot of positive things are being highlighted. So I decided to reclaim my power and focus on positive things, particularly those that bring me joy.

All of us experience joy several times a day, but it’s hard to see it, hear it, and feel it, when we’re being drowned out by a lot of noise…yes, that’s what I call it, noise.

It’s time to take back our power, our strength, our focus, and our senses…touch, sight, sound, taste, smell…and what the hell, let’s put in an ounce of common sense, too. Mix all together and we have a Creative Recipe for Joy. For ingredients, see below:

A Recipe for Joy

2 cups power: internal and external

2 cups strength: physical and emotional,

A bushel of clarity

Intuition: morning, noon and night
Creativity: in ALL its forms
Compassion: Starting with self, then give to others

Forgiveness: Begin with self, then serve to ot hers, as needed for a flavorful life

A spiritual practice: In small quantities, daily.1 tsp of sound (music, the sound of waves, a child laughing)

1 tsp of sight
(mandala, flower, ocean view)

1 tsp of smell
(your favorite essential oil, fresh flowers, a fresh cup of coffee)

1 tsp of taste
(home made cookies, herbal tea, dark chocolate)

1 tsp of touch
(the face of a loved one, a child’s hand in yours, your pet)

In a large, compassionate heart, stir in power and strength. Blend until well balanced, like the yin and the yang. Then add a bushel of focus to keep your visions and dreams alive. Create a visual of them. Place where you can see it often.

Spice it up with the rest of the ingredients, modify for your personal taste. Then add a heap of intuition, a dollop of common sense, and a cupful of wisdom. Add laughter; mix in a handful of spirituality; fold in a quart of creativity and most importantly sprinkle with gratitude.

Like most creative cooks, adjust ingredients to your specific taste.

Serves: As many people with whom you want to share your joy.

Cook slowly to ensure a rich flavor.

About Judy Ranieri

Judy Ranieri, MA, is a creativity coach, workshop leader, joy facilitator, wisdom circle leader, and spiritual alchemist. She holds a mirror for others to see themselves, to see their gifts, and see their greatness. Then she encourages them to go forth and shine their light where needed. She loves traveling and has traveled to Europe, Australia, and parts of Asia. She also loves learning new things, Pilates, theater, friends, family and especially her two grandchildren, Sofia and Nico. Judy has lived in Chicago, Rome, Italy, New York, and currently lives in Northern California. To find out more about Judy and her work, visit her other websites at: and
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