Judy Ranieri

We are living in crazy times…oil spills, political bantering, sound bite news, financial struggles, high unemployment, turmoil in many parts of the worlds, etc.  Not a lot of positive things are being highlighted.  So I have decided to reclaim my power and focus on positive things, particularly those that bring me joy.  All of us experience joy several times a day, but it’s hard to see it, hear it, and feel it, when we’re being drowned out by a lot of noise…yes, that’s what I call it, noise.

It’s time to take back our power, our strength, our focus, and our senses…touch, sight, sound, taste, smell…and what the hell, let’s put in an ounce of common sense, too.

Free Interactive Joy Revolution Forum

This is a fun, interactive forum that asks simple questions about the joy in your everyday life.  The creative part is being able to answer these questions in 5 words or less.  There are a total of six questions, with a day in between to give you a chance to observe how joy shows up in your life.

Join the Joy Revolution today!


An increase of your Joy Quotient (JQ)

 What is your Joy Quotient (JQ) at this moment?”

1. Not Feeling it.  (numb)
2. So, so.  (indifferent)
3. Going with the flow. (content)
4. Delightful. (Happy)
5. Jumping out of my socks. (Joyful)

A reminder to be mindful moment to moment

A reminder that we have a choice to choose joy as stated in the poem below:

Choices By Sue Bryan

(Used with permission)

I listen.
I know what I know.
If it doesn’t feed me,
I can choose differently.
If it pains me,
I can walk away.
If it fills my heart with joy,
I can spend more time with it.
It is my life.
The choices are mine

Don’t hesitate! Bring some joy into your life and Join the Joy Revolution today! 

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