Welcome to my first blog!

 to the Joy Revolution! 

I must confess I was hesitant about creating  one, but then I remembered an expression from the 60s…yes, I’ve been around a long time…that said, “If you’re not part of the solution, then you’re part of the problem.” 

I caught myself becoming more and more discontent with politics, the lack of civility, lack of critical thinking, and the robotic behavior of many.  

After I found myself complaining more and more, I realized that I had become part of the problem.  I was waiting for some one else to step up to the plate and create an alternative to what I was witnessing. 

Finally, after taking a four month course, on creating from the Divine Feminine, I knew that I had to stop my whining, okay sometimes it was a “bitchfest” and put my thoughts into action.  That’s my intention for this blog. 

Judy Ranieri

About Judy Ranieri

Judy Ranieri, MA, is a creativity coach, workshop leader, joy facilitator, wisdom circle leader, and spiritual alchemist. She holds a mirror for others to see themselves, to see their gifts, and see their greatness. Then she encourages them to go forth and shine their light where needed. She loves traveling and has traveled to Europe, Australia, and parts of Asia. She also loves learning new things, Pilates, theater, friends, family and especially her two grandchildren, Sofia and Nico. Judy has lived in Chicago, Rome, Italy, New York, and currently lives in Northern California. To find out more about Judy and her work, visit her other websites at: www.thewisdombox.com and www.notebookproject.com
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One Response to Welcome to my first blog!

  1. Megan David says:

    Hi Judy,
    Congratulations on your blog! I love the design of it. It looks like you are having lots of fun (and joy!).


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