Where is the Sun?

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That’s the most asked question in the San Francisco Bay Area these days.  We have been experiencing winter weather in June!  We really have no reason to complain when we look at what has been happening in other parts of the United States.  Our hearts and prayers go out to those who have suffered from the extreme weather conditions.  For me personally, it’s a reminder of what’s important, such as the love and support of  family and friends.  It’s about gratitude for what I have.  I was reminded of this recently after receiving a piece of artwork sent to me from my granddaughter, Sofia, who is in the first grade.  Sometimes it helps to look at life through the eyes of a child.

It may be difficult to read so I have re-written what she wrote exactly the way she wrote it.
“When it rains I like to watch the rain from my kichin window softly drifting down.  I like to watch the rain because the rain is my favorite weather.  I like to watch the rain with my gramathr her name is Jude.  When I watch the rain softly drifting down from my kitchin window it makes me very very happy in side my heart.”
What are you grateful for today?  I hope it puts a smile on your face and makes you happy inside your heart.

About Judy Ranieri

Judy Ranieri, MA, is a creativity coach, workshop leader, joy facilitator, wisdom circle leader, and spiritual alchemist. She holds a mirror for others to see themselves, to see their gifts, and see their greatness. Then she encourages them to go forth and shine their light where needed. She loves traveling and has traveled to Europe, Australia, and parts of Asia. She also loves learning new things, Pilates, theater, friends, family and especially her two grandchildren, Sofia and Nico. Judy has lived in Chicago, Rome, Italy, New York, and currently lives in Northern California. To find out more about Judy and her work, visit her other websites at: www.thewisdombox.com and www.notebookproject.com
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  1. Lynda Weir says:

    Sofia’s art work is a beautiful testament of how love between a grandmother and her grandchild is as wondrous and refreshing to the heart as is the rain….. Pure joy….

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